FlCalc - Programmers' Calculator

FlCalc display. (Psion Series 5mx)


FlCalc5 is a programmer's calculator with a difference.

Originally written to compliment the Calc application on my Series 3a, as I couldn't find anything I liked that did what I needed, and ported to the Series 5 for the same reason.

Features include:

  • 32-bit integer expression evaluation.
  • Multiple simultaneous output formats including decimal, hexadecimal, octal and binary.
  • C-style expression syntax.
  • Arithmetic and bit-wise operators.
  • ASCII and EBCDIC character tables.
  • Multiple memories.
  • Repeatable statements.
  • History of both inputs and results.
  • Keyboard or pen input via on-screen keypad. (EPOC only)
  • Copy and paste with other applications. (EPOC only)

Awarded 5 Cows by TUCOWS EPOC Software.

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  • Download for Psion Series 3a, Series 5, etc.