FlFinger - TCP/IP 'finger' client

FlFinger welcome screen. (Psion Revo)


FlFinger is a combined TCP/IP 'finger' client with 'ping' support.

With FlFinger you can collect 'finger' information about the user of an email address, if the user's server provides the service, quickly and easily.

Some servers may provide other information via 'finger', such as "NasaNews" from MIT (nasanews@space.mit.edu) and the service status information provided for Demon Internet subscribers.

The included 'ping' feature allows you to test the speed of your connection with, and the availability of, any machine on the Internet.

Features include:

  • Combined 'finger' and 'ping' support.
  • Simple interface.
  • Address history.
  • Cut and paste responses into other applications.
  • Sample finger server included.

find out more

  • Download for Psion Series 5, Revo, etc.