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David Rushall, 1987

Find your way out of the maze without walking into one of the force-field gates blocking your way. Gates can be opened by standing under a spherical switch and closed by standing under a cubic one - but which switch controls which gate? It's a good job you've got a map with you.

A little slow, but just about playable.

An attempt at a 3D game in pure BASIC, this was my last completed Spectrum program ... but why on earth did I sign myself "Adic"?

4 - Turn left
6 - Turn right
8 - Move forward
5 - Display map
0 - Return to maze
Teleport to the exit by pressing Break, entering "LET y=2" followed by "LET x=2", "CONTINUE" and then turning around to face North.


Download for use in your ZX Spectrum emulator.