Hunter III - The Final Straw

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Hunter III - The Final Straw

David Rushall, 1986

Carefully pilot your helicopter down the Final Straw, the infamous underground fortress. Armed with missiles, bombs and a winch, you'll have to solve many puzzles along the way.

Just about playable, but includes nasty random deaths.

Written in BASIC, with a selection of machine code routines, this program only just fits into a 48K Spectrum. Inspired by a puzzle game I saw on a friend's ZX81 computer. It features interrupt driven sound, but you'll need to emulate a William Stuart Systems Mk3 Synthesiser interface to hear it :-(

1 - Up
Q - Down
8 - Left
9 - Right
0 - Menu/Select

Hunter III - The Final Straw

Download for use in your ZX Spectrum emulator.