Solun' - The Pocket Planetarium

Zenith star chart display. (Sony Ericsson P800)


Solun' is a small planetarium application designed for use on many platforms that have a Java runtime environment, including PersonalJava and Personal Profile.

Paying particular attention to the needs of smaller devices, this is my attempt to combine the best features of the popular Solun for Psion machines and the unfinished Solun for RISC OS with more accurate astronomical calculations.

Solun' is copyright software, released under a "Charityware" license. It is free to use but if you like it you may wish to make a donation to an environmental or humanitarian charity of your choice.

main features

Multiple views
Simple sky charts: horizon, zenith and ecliptic views.
World map display, including local city times.
Interactive 3D orrery display.
Moon phase display, including eclipse simulation.
Galilean moons of Jupiter.
Saturn rings display.
Various charts showing movement over time.
Information panels
Information panels for sun, moon and planets.
Customisable database of comets and asteroids.
More accurate than previous versions of Solun.
Includes eclipse prediction for observer's location.
Real time and animated displays
Automatic updates for real time displays.
Run the clock forwards and backwards.
Adapts to many PDA devices
Psion Series 5mx.
Psion Series 7 & netBook.
Nokia 9210, 9290, 9500, 9300.
Sharp Zaurus SL-5500.
Sony Ericsson P800, P900, P910.
Potentially other devices with Java 1.1, PersonalJava or Personal Profile runtimes.
Operates on desktops and laptops
Mac OS X.
Linux & Unix.
(Provided Java 1.1 or Java 2 Standard Edition is installed.)

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