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Solun' - The Pocket Planetarium

Read notice before download. For further installation instructions, consult the README file contained in the download archive.

Sony Ericsson P800, P900, P910 Ver 1.25f, April 2007, Charityware
Nokia 9500, 9300 Communicator Ver 1.25y, September 2006, Charityware

Not suitable for Nokia 9210, 9290.
Sharp Zaurus SL5500 Ver 1.25g, January 2008, Charityware
Sony Ericsson M600, P990, P1 Ver 1.26a (beta), January 2008, Charityware

Read READTHIS.txt before installing this software.
Nokia 9210, 9290 Communicator Ver 1.20y (beta), June 2005, Charityware

Requires Java runtime. Not suitable for newer devices.
For Java 1.1, PersonalJava & Java 2 SE Ver 1.20b (beta), June 2005, Charityware

For advanced users only.


Solun' (also known as jSolun) is COPYRIGHT SOFTWARE. It is NOT PUBLIC DOMAIN. You are granted permission to use and distribute (non-"beta" versions of) this software provided you do not do so for profit, DO NOT ALTER IT IN ANY WAY and accept the other conditions of use. The rights to this package remain the property of the author. The right to withdraw this license at any time is reserved.

INSTALLATION AND USE OF THIS SOFTWARE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. The author does not warrant that this software has no defects or will not have adverse effects. This software is supplied "as-is". You are advised to take precautions to protect your device from viruses and data loss.

This application is FOR ENTERTAINMENT USE ONLY and may display inaccurate results. This application should never be used for navigation or situations where life or property is at risk. BY INSTALLING THIS SOFTWARE, YOU ACCEPT ALL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY DIRECT OR INDIRECT LOSS OR DAMAGE ARISING FROM THE USE OR MISUSE OF THE SOFTWARE.

Solun' is copyright software, released under a "Charityware" license. This software is free to use but if you like it you may wish to make a donation to an environmental or humanitarian charity of your choice.

Packages marked "beta" are unfinished versions of Solun'. BETA PACKAGES MAY NOT BE CARRIED ON OTHER WEB SITES OR REDISTRIBUTED BY OTHER MEANS. Consult README documentation contained in download archive before use.