Frequently asked questions

for all platforms

Can I get Solun' for my phone or PDA?

If your device isn't listed on the download page, and isn't compatible with one of the devices that is listed, then Solun' may not be suitable. If you have another Java-enabled mobile phone, it probably supports J2ME MIDP 1.0 and may be able to run Solun'-u - The Petite Planetarium.

Can I run Solun' on my PC or other device with Java 2 SE, PersonalJava or Personal Profile?

Solun' is only packaged for the devices listed but is also available as an unpackaged JAR which you may be able to use on your device. Before you attempt this, you must read the instructions in README file that is included with the download.

Why does Solun' display the incorrect time?

There seem to be issues with the time zone support on some devices which can cause the wrong GMT time to be reported to Solun' when "Use current time" is selected. Devices that suffer from this problem seem to include the Sharp Zaurus and the Nokia 9300 and 9500. If you believe you may be suffering from this problem, consult any notes in the Solun' README file. Recent versions of Solun' have a "Correction" field on the "Set date..." dialog that can be used to work around this problem:

  1. Select "Use current time" and observe the time and time zone displayed.
  2. If the time is incorrect, select "Set date..." and enter the number of minutes that must be added to correct the time in the "Correction" field. (Enter a negative value to subtract minutes.)
  3. Select "OK" and then "Use current time". The display should now show the current time in the displayed time zone. Repeat step 2 if you did not specify the correct adjustment.

I've installed a new version of Solun' and can't see the new entries in the city/comet/asteroid/event lists.

Your previous settings are preserved when you install a new version of Solun' - any new default entries in the new version will not be present. If you want to refresh the city, comet, asteroid or event lists with the default settings for the new version, use the "Reset" button in the appropriate dialog. For example, to upgrade the default city entries, open the "Set location" dialog and press "Reset". You can then choose to "Repair/upgrade defaults" to add the new default entries to your old list.

for Nokia 9210 Communicator and compatibles

Solun' does not appear to start, dies suddenly or reports "Out of memory".

The Nokia 9210 has limited memory available to Java applications and unfortunately Solun' is a tight squeeze on this platform. You may need to close all other applications before you start Solun'. Additional memory may be made available by turning the device off and the on again.

Why is the Solun' display only half as wide as the screen?

As Solun' requires such a large proportion of the runtime memory available on the Nokia 9210, it was necessary to limit the size of the display area in the default installation. However, it is possible to increase the width of the display in some case; there may be more memory available on later devices and advanced users may know how to free additional memory by closing the Telephone application. The display width can be controlled by modifying the jSolun.ini file in the application directory. Ensure Solun' is not running and locate the line that contains the following property:


If the line does not exist you can add it to the end of the file. Enter the maximum width of the display, in pixels, immediately after the = sign. For full width, enter 640; the actual width will then be limited by the available screen area. To return to the default value, simply delete the line.

How do I use the Solun' application without a mouse or pen?

Solun' is primarily designed for use with a mouse or pen and so operates a little differently to other applications on the Nokia platform.

  • Press the Menu key to access the menu.
  • Press the Tab key to navigate dialog fields.
  • Use left and right keys to change the selection in choice items.
  • To press a dialog button, navigate to the button with Tab and press Space.
  • Press the Esc key to cancel a dialog.