Solun'-u - The Petite Planetarium

A simple planetarium for most modern mobile phones. Read the notice below before download.

Standard edition Version 1.3.3, December 2005, Freeware
Low resource edition Version 1.0.2, June 2004, Freeware

For use with monochrome and older devices.


Select the edition appropriate for your Java-enabled mobile phone. For most phones, try the "Standard edition" for maximum function. If the application does not run correctly, uninstall and try the limited function "Low resource edition".

This application is COPYRIGHT SOFTWARE. You are granted permission to use this software provided you do not do so for profit, DO NOT ALTER IT IN ANY WAY and accept the other conditions of use. This software is supplied "as-is"; the author does not warrant that this software has no defects or will not have adverse effects. This software is FOR ENTERTAINMENT USE ONLY and should never be used for navigation or situations where life or property may be at risk. BY INSTALLING THIS SOFTWARE, YOU ACCEPT ALL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY DIRECT OR INDIRECT LOSS OR DAMAGE ARISING FROM THE USE OR MISUSE OF THE SOFTWARE.