Software for Psion and compatible machines


Solun - The Pocket Planetarium - Classic OPL

Featuring many views, including star chart and almanac, and surprisingly small amount of disk usage. More about Solun...

Series 3a/c/mx, Siena Ver 4.32, Jan 2006, Charityware
Series 5/5mx, Revo, etc (EPOC) Ver 5.25, March 2006, Charityware

See also

  • Solun' for Symbian UIQ and other devices with for Java or PersonalJava runtimes.
  • Solun'-u for Series 60 and other Java-enabled mobile phones (J2ME MIDP).

Where are the rest?

This section is still under construction and some of the featured applications are not currently available for download. If not listed here, applications for Psion Series 5mx and other EPOC devices can be found at:

other sites

Some places to visit if you are interested in finding out more about the Psion machines:

  • FreEPOC have some free software for the Psion Series 5 and other EPOC devices.
  • RMR Software supply useful shareware applications for various devices.
  • Steve Litchfield maintains archive and other material for Psion machines and their Symbian descendants.