Alien Serch

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Alien Serch

David Rushall, David Steele, 1984

Trapped in the catacombs of an alien planet in a survival tank with limited oxygen supply. It's a race against time to find your rocket and escape. When an alien appears, you must do battle before you can move on to the next room. Gather treasure if you can, but you'll be lucky to escape with your life - pity I forgot to pack a radar for you.

Not exactly "Alien Trilogy", but what do you expect?

Game written in pure BASIC, based on a game I saw on a friend's VIC 20 computer. Graphics designed by David Steele.

5 - Left
6 - Down
7 - Up
8 - Right
0 - Fire
Sit still and do absolutely nothing and get a score of 999 points.

Alien Serch

Download for use in your ZX Spectrum emulator.