Solun - The Pocket Planetarium

Example star chart display. (Psion Series 5mx)

main features 1

Planetarium display.
The sky as it appears to the observer, in any direction.
Azimuthal projection for natural-looking displays.
Show up to 5000 stars, 150 other objects, Sun, Moon and planets.
View from any city in the Psion's built-in world time database.
Star atlas display.
All the features of the planetarium but with the display aligned as an atlas.
Orrery and moon-phase displays.
3D orrery can be viewed from any angle.
Galilean moon and rings of Saturn displays.
The positions of the four largest moons of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn.
Day/night map of the world.
Featuring both solar and lunar terminators.
Easy-to-use "Sky view" button.
Display and rotate planetarium with two pen taps.
Point-and-click pan and zoom.
Use pen or cursor keys to select a new centre for the chart and zoom in or out.
Identify objects near the cursor.
"Quick visibility" display.
What solar-system objects can been seen at the moment?
Fast cylindrical map projection.
Automatically aligns to north for southern hemisphere.
Large astronomical database.
Find stars and other objects by name.
Detail panels for many objects.
Including rise and set times, and apparent magnitude.
Low storage requirements.
Base installation around 200K 2

Awarded 5 Cows by TUCOWS EPOC Software.

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Some features may not be available on all platforms
Discounting optional online help file.