Users' comments

users' comments

People from all over the world enjoyed using Solun. From quiet moments on business trips to camping and night walking. From high in the sky to deep under the oceans! Here are some of their comments....

"I can think of one thing to say: `WOW!' I have never seen anything like it on the Psion and even running under Psion 3 emulation on my 3a it is impressive."

David, Derby

"I am interested in astronomy and it is a very fine piece of work. I was very happy."

Oliver, Germany

"Since downloading it ... I have used it extensively at home and my society's observatory ... I have tried other software but I find the user interface and mapping of the curved sky onto the 3a's flat screen to be much better than the rest."

Kris, UK

"Just to say after years of skywatching and running back and forth to "Redshift" on the PC, it's great to be able to stand out under a dark sky and learn so much, so easily from Solun. Great job, well done!"

Nigel, UK

"I am not an astronomer, but I have become very interested as a result of your most impressive program."

Malcolm, France

"Congratulations for Solun ... thanks to you, I became a real stargazer ... I'm a pilot (DC10) and often use Solun during cruises."

Denis, France

"It is really a wonderful piece of work from you, congratulations. It is amazing what you can do on this little machine!"

Sabine, Germany

"I enjoy it greatly, and even the unregistered version is impressive to my friends and shipmates on my Submarine. It is nice to be able to `see the stars' while under the sea."

Daniel, Hawaii

"Brilliant! Far better than [the competition], and reassuringly like the 3c version ... it's great to have Solun back in my pocket."

Shane, UK

"Solun is the best astronomy program available for the Psion (S3a/3c and 5)."

Eberhard, Germany

"Still probably the nicest planetarium program I have seen on any PDA!"


"Thank you again for brightening our nights."


"My kids and I will enjoy this a lot. We often go outside and try to figure out the stars ... when we are on vacation or camping ... so a program on a PC is no help. My new Psion 5mx will be perfect."

Reuben, USA

"You have done a supreme job. I can tell that you have had a challenging time with your Solun project. I can also tell that you have certainly had a lot of enjoyment and gratification for what you have accomplished."

David, Wisconsin

"You have to be very devilic because it is totally fantastic and unbelievable megalomanistic super giga program! ... Solun is fabulous ... Congratulations!"

Olda, Czechoslovakia