The Spectrum Collection

Celebrating 30 Years of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum

As a proud member of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum generation, I present some of my early experiments using Sinclair BASIC. You won't find any exciting 3D graphics, game-play or originality, but if you spent endless hours in the '80s punching code into a rubber keyboard then perhaps this collection will amuse you. And, to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, the collection features a new online emulator 1 for the live exhibits.

the collection 2

Blitz - David Rushall, 1983
Your plane is losing altitude and your only hope is to clear a path to land.
Sinclair BASIC
Alien Serch - David Rushall, David Steele, 1984
Escape the catacombs of an alien planet.
Sinclair BASIC
Adventour - David Rushall, David Steele, 1984
Search for the key in this fantasy adventure.
Sinclair BASIC
Hunter - David Rushall, 1984
Fly your helicopter to delivery vital supplies.
Sinclair BASIC, with some machine code effects
Karniferous Forest - David Rushall, 1985
An evil villain plans to destroy life as we know it.
Sinclair BASIC
Hunter II - Olympus Mons - David Rushall, 1985
Pilot your 21st Century low-pressure helicopter around Mars.
Sinclair BASIC, with some machine code effects
Major Percy - Manic Mercenary - David Rushall, 1985
Guide our military hero through mysterious worlds.
Sinclair BASIC
Hunter III - The Final Straw - David Rushall, 1986
Guide your helicopter into an infamous underground fortress.
Sinclair BASIC, with some machine code effects
Gyroff - David Rushall, 1987
Solve the 3D maze to gain your freedom.
Sinclair BASIC

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