Solun'-u - The Petite Planetarium

Zenith display. (Series 60)


Solun'-u is a small planetarium "midlet" designed for use on Java-enabled mobile phones (J2ME MIDP).

The main features of Solun' - The Pocket Planetarium have been squeezed into this tiny application. With Solun'-u in your pocket, you'll be ready for a spot of astronomy on the move.

Solun'-u application should operate on most devices supporting MIDP 1.0. It works best with a colour screen but black and white devices are supported. It has been tested on a number of phones, from Nokia 3510i through to Series 60 and UIQ.

Solun'-u is Freeware.

main features

Multiple sky charts
View the sky from your location in different orientations.
Shows the positions of the sun, moon and planets.
Optionally shows stars and constellations.
Moon phase
Displays current phase of the moon.
Easy to use
Enter your longitude and latitude and go!
Use current time and date, or enter your own.
Control view direction with the direction keys.

Horizon and moon phase displays. (J2ME MIDP emulator)

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